About Me


Hi, Lynn here. I work full time in Affiliate Marketing. My husband and I live a quiet life with our three rescued dogs on the Long Beach Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest.

The reason I have written this review is that I am looking for ways to improve my gardening options, but still have room for three dogs. I also recently starting “juicing” and to be able to grow part of the produce that I am currently buying would be nice. Previous gardens tended to get too large and be too much work, so I’m looking for smaller and more manageable options.  I think Food4Wealth is worth studying and possibly putting in either this fall or next spring. (And yes, I do believe you can have a nice yard/garden and pets at the same time.)

I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Associate of Arts Degrees in both Computer Science and Computer Applications. After years in corporate business, I am opting to work full time in Affiliate Marketing from home. My varied interests do influence my choice of topics selected for my reviews.