Growing Your Own Food

Food4Wealth will guide you in setting up a low maintenance and efficient way to grow food. You will be able to select what foods to grow throughout the year. The Project Plan is very detailed with separate pages for:

  • Setting Up
  • Maintaining
  • Checklist
  • Materials

The video library is available to watch at your convenience. (I’m going to watch them and get ready for this to be a “next summer” project.)

Veges EverydayWhy grow your own food? Not only is growing your food cost effective, you also can know how healthy it is. You also will know exactly what has been put on the soil and the food. I’ve been “juicing” for lunch and it will be nice to be able to grow what I want to add to the Vitamix for juicing. We live where the climate is rather mild, so I expect that I will be able to grow food year round. However, in some of the colder climates, I’m not sure that everyone can grow year round.

Shopping for food continues to put stress on many budgets. So if you can grow part of your food, this could be an economic benefit. You also can avoid processed foods and additives that are in many foods you buy. To check out this approach towards helping your food budget, please visit the link below.

Click here to go to the Food4Wealth website.